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Options Expanded

The list of options on Dekerf frames is virtually endless but following are some of the more common options we offer.

Smoothened Welds

We now offer the option of smoothing down some or all of the TIG welds on our titanium frames. Not that our TIG welds don’t look pretty enough as they are, but this is an option that does add a unique and beautiful look to our titanium welds. The process is done completely by hand to ensure perfect blends.

Wheel Size

Wheel size

We build frames for all wheel sizes. 700c, 650b (27.5”), 26” 29” and for plus size tires. Simply let us know your preference.



Drop Outs


We offer a range of drop-out types depending on your needs and the overall frames design. Flat, hooded, socket, sliding, through axle, Rohloff, minimalist, and even custom made drop-outs for special designs. We also offer drop-outs to accept any range of axle types and widths.


Bottom Brackets

Bottom brackets

These days there are many different bottom bracket standards in use and we offer most of them. Threaded, press in, eccentric, various diameters and widths. We offer them all and can help advise on what might be best for your specific needs. your wish list.


Head Tubes

Head tubes

We offer pretty much every head tube size with 1- 1/8”, and 44mm ID being the most common sizes we use. We also offer tapered head tubes.



Brake Mounts

Brake mounts

Whether it be disc, calipers, V-brakes, Cantis, special locations, or custom mounts, we offer them all.


Cable Routing

Cable routing

We offer provisions for both cables and/or wiring depending on the components to be used on the frame. Cables and wires can be routed internally, or externally. Determining the exact routings is part of design process and differs for each frame.


S & S Couplers

S & S Couplers

For people who like to travel with their bike, the ability to break the bike down into smaller pieces for packing can be a nice feature. We are a certified S & S frame builder and can build (or retrofit) you frame with S & S couplers. We also can supply cases and accessories as well.




We also offer an endless array of things like rack and fender mounts, low rider bosses, shifter mounts, water bottle bosses, and pretty much any other braze on you can imagine. Simply give us your wish list.


Fillet Brazing

Fillet Brazing

Fillet brazing is on option for all our steel frames. The beautiful look of flowing lines across the tube joints is one of the hallmarks of a handmade frame. We pride ourselves on carefully applied bronze that is shaped and blended into seamless transitions..