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Dekerf Solitaire

Dekerf Solitaire
Dekerf Solitaire

• Drop-out, turn in, turn on…yeah
• Dekerf Cycles Best of classic and new
• Dekerf Cycles Easier disk brake use
• Dekerf Cycles Rigid fork option
• Dekerf Cycles Plays well alone or with others
• Dekerf Cycles No jokers please!

Dekerf Solitaire


Back and better than ever! We were playing with a full deck when we shuffled a few ideas around and came up with the changes to this year\’s version of our stalwart single speed. Custom-shaped Ritchey investment cast drop-outs, Bushnell eccentric (not crazy) bottom bracket and \’zip\’ guides for more efficient disk brake usage and mounting; all for improved ride and higher performance. The Solitaire also features a classic 853 tube set, our trademark wishbone and a custom-machined Dekerf alloy seat post clamp. This \’Diamond for the rough\’ is also available with our new \’Tuning fork\’ option.

Dekerf Solitaire


Dekerf Pierced Monostay Assembly

This signature design feature strengthens the rear end while showcasing our craftsmanship and differentiating our frames from mass production models 

Reynolds 853 Tubing and Chainstays

This seamless, air-hardened, heat-treated tubeset is among the most advanced material available for building bicycle frames. This allows us to create steel frames that are long-lived, lightweight and lively.

Solitaire Options

The Solitaire comes as standard with a Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket to maintain optimal chain tension and wheel alignment. This ultimate lightweight bottom bracket system is blessing for Solitaire riders who prefer disc brake set-ups. However we also offer the options of Paragon Sliding or Horizontal Drop-outs with a standard bottom bracket.

Dekerf Solitaire


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Dekerf Solitaire