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Dekerf Elysium (Titanium)

• Made one at a time to order
• American Ti, Canadian know-how
• Unique Al/Ti wishbone
• You don\’t have to die to go to Heaven

Dekerf Elysium (Titanium)
Dekerf Elysium (Titanium)


Elysium – \’Heaven\’ to the Roman (and roamin\’) Legions. This custom-drawn titanium frame is Nirvana for the cross-country purist. Built one at a time, by Chris, to order in our Vancouver fabrication facility, each frame is constructed from 3/2.5 American titanium (not \”chitanium\”, like so many others), and custom Paragon Machine Works BB shells and 6/4 drop-outs. These works of rideable art also feature a unique 6061 Al and titanium version of Dekerf\’s famous interlocking monostay/wishbone design and have a hand-brushed finish. Formidable, lightning quick, all-conquering…Illegitimae Non Carborundum… Hail, Caesar!


Product Features

3/2.5 Titanium Butted Tubeset. We use 3/2.5 titanium (3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium), which gives the best durability vs. density (weight) characteristics This allows us to create Titanium frames that are lightweight and lively.

Dekerf Elysium Monostay Assembly

This signature design feature strengthens the rear end while showcasing our craftsmanship and differentiating our frames from production models. The Elysium features a unique aluminum/titanium version of our coveted wishbone assembly.

Dekerf Elysium (Titanium)
Dekerf Elysium (Titanium)


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